Waylon Ehrlich FFA Scholarship Foundation

Remebering Waylon 2013

    April 20th, 2013 marked the 1 year anniversary that we lost Waylon. Family and friends gathered together to give one another comfort on this anniversary of loss. A short speech was given by LeRon, discussing the challenges over the last year losing his best friend. LeRon shared the story of the bird that came the day after Waylon had passed. LeRon, sitting on the deck of his home in deep thought over the loss of his son, was grief stricken and looking for answers. A black and white bird flew down and sat on the table in the middle of LeRon and his friends. The bird just feet away would not leave, it was as if the bird was Waylon's spirit or a message from him telling his family everything would be alright. The bird was not native to these parts and was a sure sign from Waylon. Waylon and his brother Nick had worked on their mother Lori's pond every year for mothers day. The bird stayed for the following week at LeRon & Lori's house, watching over Nick & his friends complete the pond work. He was ensuring that the work was completed correctly. Once the pond was completed the bird left never to return. The bird left a lasting impression to anyone LeRon has told the story. 

    Following LeRon's speech was the release of two dozen doves in Waylon's memory and after hearing the story, you will understand the significance of birds and Waylon. After the dove release, friends shared food and stories and celebrated the good times spent with Waylon.

    That evening over 90 of Waylon's friends and family enjoyed the Rockies game together and cheered the Rockies to a win.

The Ehrlich Family would like to thank everyone who came to be with us and help us remember Waylon.